More Than Just an Ad Management Solution 

Whether you’re a publisher, retailer or app developer, Freestar provides solutions that focus on creating long-term growth to take your business to the next level.


Best-In-Class Ad Monetization to Increase Revenue

You didn’t build your business around ad operations, but we did. Make Freestar your one-stop shop for custom monetization, so you can focus on creating quality content and ongoing business growth.

Monitor how well your ads perform in real-time, create actionable insights easily, and access page-level revenue data to unveil where each dollar is coming from.

Fully Transparent, Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Added Value through our Audience Development Support

Traffic plays an important role in overall revenue, and that’s why Freestar has invested in growing our Audience Development team to help publishers with their long-term business growth. We offer SEO consultations, content strategy, group traffic sessions and more.

Dedicated Account and Yield Management Team 

From initial onboarding and configuring ad-serving code to connecting demand partners and optimizing ad layouts, our solutions let you focus on creating great content while we ensure your ads are running as efficiently and effectively as they can.

Delivering Results Straight to Publishers

Before our partnership, Al Jazeera used a limited ad stack. By working with us, we focused our attention on improving their demand partners, increasing efficiency, and maximizing revenue and CPMs.

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Smarter Solutions to Solve Your Pain Points 

Header Bidding

Our header bidding wrapper technology sets itself apart from the competition. We provide the fastest bid responses, proprietary flooring algorithms, all the high-impact ad units you want, and a team of ad ops experts to help. 


Freestar’s app mediation platform gives you the power to maximize ad revenue while freeing up time to focus on what you do best — build great app experiences.


Our AMP solution has a proven track record of delivering higher yields for publishers, with high-quality ad units in front of consumers from advertisers wanting to pay higher rates. 

Unique Demand

We do the heavy lifting, so you get fast, seamless auctions at scale. You can access our Prebid Server when using our solutions or utilize The Freestar Exchange to connect with our demand partners. 

Trusted By Publishers Worldwide

“In the two years we have worked with Freestar, [Food52's] programmatic business has grown by 108%. But more importantly, the partnership has been even more transformative. We rely on our Freestar team to not only optimize our revenue strategy but to innovate our media business and help us navigate the wild world of Ad Tech.”   

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